Endoscopy: Advanced Diagnostics at Newman Equine

Did you know that Newman Equine has the ability to see inside your horse? Using our Olympus Endoscope, we are able to visualize structures inside the body with a small, lighted camera on a flexible tube. Keep reading to see all of the things an endoscope can look at!

Respiratory Tract: Using the endoscope, we are able to evaluate the respiratory tract by passing it up the nose. By doing this, we can evaluate the nasal passages, sinus openings, guttural pouches, larynx, trachea, and mainstem bronci (where the trachea divides into the lungs).

Indications for scoping the respiratory tract include:
    - Exercise intolerance or excessive noise when breathing
    - Nosebleed episodes (after work OR during rest)
    - Abnormal nasal discharge

An image of a horse with laryngeal hemiplegia, the cause of "roaring."

Courtesy of www.brindabellaequinevet.com.au 

Gastrointestinal Tract: You may have heard of ways to tell if your horse suffers from gastric ulcers, but the only true diagnosis is with the scope! We can easily evaluate the esophagus and stomach for ulceration using gastroscopy. The scope can be used orally in the event of dental disease as well.

Indications for gastroscopy include:
    - Episodes of inappetance (especially of grain), recurrent colic, weight loss, or pain/sensitivity around the girth area
    - Dental disease/infection

An image of gastric ulcers.

Courtesy of www.donningtongrove.com

Urogenital Tract: The scope is able to visualize the vagina, opening of the cervix, and bladder. We have found bladder stones using the scope! Indications for cystoscopy or vaginoscopy include:
    - Blood during urination or straining to urinate
    - Bleeding from vulva, cervical masses/tears (from previous breedings/foaling)

If your horse is receiving gastroscopy, please FAST your horse (no food, hay, or grass) for 12 hours prior to the exam. It may be best to muzzle your horse the night before to ensure that he/she does not eat their bedding. You can also drop your horse off at our clinic the night before for fasting. Please call the office to schedule your horse's scoping!

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